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Introducing Ryan Batty

The Copper & Blue welcome their latest columnist.

The Copper & Blue has been a bit short-handed since Ben left for the green pastures of football and Bruce left to chase the corporate dollar, but we've managed.  Lisa has stepped up on the game recaps and Jonathan returned to write a bit about the Top 25 Under 25 while Scott and I have been typing our fingers off, but we still missed that something extra.  No longer.

Although I was much too late to his site, Ryan Batty of Spilled Oil made a large impression on the crew here, and after reading his site regularly over the last few months, we realized he was an excellent fit for The Copper & Blue, and asked him to come aboard.

Ryan will bring a fresh perspective on the Oilers and will undoubtedly raise the level of discourse on a daily basis.

Please join me in welcoming Ryan Batty to the fold.