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Kings v. Red Wings - Baruch 3:1-8

Almighty Yahweh, God of all Oilers past and present, our anguished souls and wearied spirits cry out to you. Hear us, Yahweh, for we have sinned in not denouncing this wretched group of managers more definitively. You, O God, are enthroned in the heavens forever to bring life to your people, but Tambellini brings us nothing but tearing down and destruction. Almighty Yahweh, hear the prayers of your people, the fans who see that your chosen team is managed by incompetents, by men who refuse to listen to your voice so that calamity and failure clings to them. Even as you remember the iniquities of our leaders, remember your power and the compassion you have for your people in this time of crisis. For you are Yahweh, our God, and it is to you have we offer praise. Even in exile we offer you praise by distancing ourselves from the terrible fools who continue to sin against you. And so today we are in exile alongside Greene, Stoll, Smyth, and Penner, a righteous remnant that you have preserved. You have scattered us here to be cursed by the fans of Los Angeles as bandwagoners, and reproached by the fans of Edmonton as traitors, a punishment we must endure for a time because our leaders have forsaken both faith and reason.