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Edmonton - St. Louis Post-Game? No. We Refuse.

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It has become obligatory (quite literally obligatory) for us at the Copper & Blue gang to write up our post-game thoughts every time the Oilers take to the ice. Win or (much more often) lose, one of us is always there with something approximating insight, trying to snatch a crisp kernel of hope from the burned popcorn bowl that is this team.

Well, you know what? It's Friday night. We just lost 5-0 at home to a mediocre Western Conference team. We got shut out by a freakin' giraffe of a goalie playing his ninth career NHL game. Derek's drinking, I'm working, Lisa is actually working. We're depressed, and we're sick, and we're tired, and this team is awful, and if I wrote a post-game thread I'd say things like "I hope Ales Hemsky is traded so we can all experience the perfect apex of human suffering."

So no, Edmonton Oilers. We're not doing it this time. I call upon you, the Copper & Blue readership, to share your own insights into the game in the comments section as you always have, but as far as I'm concerned this team is bullshit. I'm not going to dignify them with another 500 words of anger and bile: they're too useless and too irredeemable to even be worth that.

I turn the microphone over to the commentariat. May you please be more patient than I.