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Edmonton Oilers at New York Islanders, Game 37

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Edmonton Oilers
@ New York Islanders

Saturday, Dec 31, 2011, 11:00 AM MST
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Lighthouse Hockey

Ken Morrow Gameday - Lighthouse Hockey
If the Oilers don't retain Hemsky, despite their influx of enviable drafted forwards, that rebuild will be doing one step forward, one step back. He's known more for his hands and points, but he's always been a fantastic possession player. If I could do the Ryan Smyth trade again this year, except for Hemsky, and except magically assuring Hemsky would sign an extension, I just might do it. (Well, not the first round pick, but...)

Trivino: Wait, What Qualifies as 'Demons' Exactly? - Lighthouse Hockey
What is particularly galling in this case is that the traits of Trivino's family members are described as "personal demons." No mention of any abuse, financial or emotional instability or other parental failings, none.

Mark Streit and Dylan Reese: Important for different reasons - Lighthouse Hockey
I don't think this is a sign that Streit is heading into a decline. Much like the discussion of Dwayne Roloson's age going into last season, it may come down to games played. Streit currently sits at 393 NHL games played. In 9 seasons in the Swiss league he totaled 365 regular season games and 106 playoff games. Chris Phillips for example is 33 this season and already has 980 regular season games played. It is too early and too soon to declare that Streit is already a declining player. But his performance in his first three months since returning from injury makes him look that way.

Top 25 Islanders Under 25: #1 is... - Lighthouse Hockey
One of the personally rewarding things about blogging is being able to go back and remind yourself what an idiot you were. Another is stumbling upon when things were bleaker. Sometimes you get both, like in this comparison of Top 5 Islanders Prospect lists from summer 2009. (Yes, apparently I thought Jesse Joensuu had a good shot to become a regular.)

Video, Notes from Islanders 'GM Show' with Garth Snow - Lighthouse Hockey
In contrast to, say, Dean Lombardi, Snow clearly won't throw any player (even former players, or current players' former coaches) under even a toy bus, and he handles all of the questions with his typically careful style, but the close listener/observer can glean information here and there.

Legends Describe Ken Morrow, Honored by the Islanders Saturday - Lighthouse Hockey
The people who played with and coached Morrow (and hopefully more of you who watched him with grown-up eyes) can say it best (videos below, but great stuff from his college coach Ron Mason here). As a silly kid, I just remember Morrow as a tall, bearded blueliner who kept things simple (or so it appeared) and enabled Denis Potvin, the top-scoring defenseman of all time, to do his thing.

Taylor HallRyan Nugent-HopkinsJordan Eberle
Ryan Smyth – Shawn HorcoffAles Hemsky
Sam GagnerEric BelangerRyan Jones
Ben EagerAnton LanderLennart Petrell

Ladislav SmidTom Gilbert
Corey PotterAndy Sutton
Theo PeckhamJeff Petry

Devan Dubnyk

Edmonton @ Long Island - Oil On Whyte
Andy Sutton is finally back after his eight game suspension. I’d never thought I’d be as excited as I am to announce that, but he’s an upgrade over the status quo. Ring out 2011 with two points, it’s a great way to kick start the afternoon. And the evening.

G37 Oilers at Islanders - Lowetide
Both the Oilers and Islanders are drafting well, both have outstanding prospects in all areas of their farm system and a few at the NHL level. The key comes in taking those talents and marrying them to veteran players who can help them develop and win by mentoring them.

Game Day "Oilers VS Islanders" - Oilers Jambalaya
Why do this you say? Why not? Do we really believe we can attain a playoff spot now? For the Oilers to do so, they would be the talk of the NHL should they come back to make the playoffs. At least if the Oilers don't win as many games, they are evaluating for the future and developing.

Today's Frustrated Edmonton Fan: OReilly14

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Edmonton Oilers Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Ryan Whitney ankle 12/30/2011

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Alex Plante concussion 12/27/2011
Cam Barker ankle 11/11/2011
Taylor Fedun femur 10/03/2011

New York Islanders Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Micheal Haley hand 12/30/2011

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Rick DiPietro groin 12/04/2011
Jay Pandolfo foot 11/27/2011
David Ullstrom concussion 12/20/2011