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Linus Omark, Magnus Paajarvi, Teemu Hartikainen Spend Christmas In Miami

Photo by Jim Rees via <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>
Photo by Jim Rees via Wikimedia Commons

Neal Livingston alerted me to this story about Linus Omark in the Norrbottens Kuriren. In it, Jimmy Landström discusses Luleå Hockey's hope that Omark would return to the Eliteserien before January 31st when the transfer window closes. He also mentions that Omark will have the cast removed on January 12th. Given the normal rehab time for a broken ankle, fans should expect Omark to return at the beginning of February. The hope (from a Swedish viewpoint) was that Omark would return from injury, find frustration with his AHL assignment and return home.

The more interesting part of the article was how Omark is planning to spend his Christmas break. "The Oklahoma City Barons have a four-day Christmas break, so Omark, his girlfriend, Magnus Paajarvi and another teammate will spend Christmas Eve in Miami."

Word from Oklahoma City is that the unnamed teammate is Teemu Hartikainen. Hartikainen is in the final stages of recovering from his separated shoulder and is due back any day.

Merry Christmas Linus & Magnus & Teemu. Enjoy the R&R and force your way back to the NHL soon.