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Lennart Petrell Avoids Suspension For Unseen Shove On Marek Zidlicky

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As per the Shanahammer's official twitter account, Lennart Petrell will not face a disciplinary hearing for Marek Zidlicky's apparent "toe pick" last night at Rexall. This is the first time I've drastically differed from Brendan Shanahan's line of thinking with regards to a questionable hit and I disagree that the hit isn't punishable. Once again, take a look at the play:

Zidlicky does plan his foot, but the simple act of planting his foot isn't going to propel him forward with that much force. As I said in my earlier post about the play, I believe Petrell should face a two game suspension for the shove. It's a useless play to make in a dangerous area of the ice.

I'm surprised that Shanahan, so intent on establishing and following precedent, chose to avoid setting one on this play. Like the Iginla hit on Souray two years ago, those "simple" shoves of players within falling distance of the boards should be eliminated immediately. If the defenseman is trying to make a play on the puck, they've got no way to protect themselves with their arms and most falls are going to result in a head-first meeting with the glass or boards.