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Number That Should Interest Everyone: 103.84

"Hey kid, shoot more."
"Hey kid, shoot more."

The Edmonton Oilers finished dead last in the league in Special Teams Efficiency last year with a pathetic 91.42. That cost the Oilers about 25 goals compared to the league average team last season. Thus far in 2011-12, the Oilers have been 12 percentage points better by STE at 103.84, and they are +4 compared to the league average team. Should they keep this up, the Oilers will finish +10 goals compared to the league average, a 35 goal improvement. Six goals is worth a win, so the Oilers will improve by 12 points on special teams improvement alone. Edmonton is currently on pace for 77 points, a 15 point improvement over last season's total.

But Edmonton's 20.63 conversion rate with a man advantage isn't sustainable. Edmonton is currently 24th in the league with the man advantage at 44.2 shots per 60. The conversion rate to this point has been excellent, but until they can sustain more pressure and generate more shots per power play, fans shouldn't expect this to continue.