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Video Of Linus Omark's Ankle Injury

via Juan on Twitter comes this video of Linus Omark's ankle injury against the Rockford Ice Hogs.

This comes at a terrible time for both the Barons and Omark as he had already re-established his offense in the AHL at the time of the injury. Omark had 7 points in 7 games, an NHLE of 41 points, his established level of NHLE and NHLE pace throughout his career.  Omark will be out for six weeks according to agent Patrik Aronsson, and he will not require surgery to repair his broken ankle.

The Expressen article mentions that Omark was at the center of a number of trade rumors and mentions Omark was drawing interest from "several clubs."  The Oilers are in dire need of big league defensive depth and have been since July, so noted trade mongers connected the dots and made up some "Omark for [depth defenseman]" rumors that persisted for most of November.