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Tom Renney's Forward Deployments

I know how much our readers love charts, so when I saw this one created by Eric T. at Broad Street Hockey, I had to lift it. Click the chart to enlarge


Get the full-sized chart here.

What you see in the chart above was first suggested by oilerBC in the comments of this article, namely adding a 3rd and fourth metric to advanced stats charts to tell a more significant story  The horizontal axis shows qualcomp, specifically Corsi relative quality of competition taken from the venerable and terrifying Gabriel Desjardins'  The vertical axis shows percentage of percentage of faceoffs taken in the defensive zone, again from the venerable and terrifying one.  The bubbles are color-coded: blue means the player in the bubble has a positive zonestart-adjusted Corsi, red a negative.  Finally, the size of the bubble indicates how far away the player in the bubble is from zero zonestart-adjusted Corsi.

The lines used by Tom Renney for the majority of this season are grouped together and their effectiveness in controlling possession and driving play is made quite obvious by the chart.