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Edmonton Will Look To WHL Blueliners For The 2012 Draft

Photo by leafschik1967 via <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>, creative commons license.
Photo by leafschik1967 via Wikimedia Commons, creative commons license.

The Oilers need defensive help, both on the big club and throughout the organization.  The only surefire NHL regular in the system is Jeff Petry and he's already passed all but three guys (Tom Gilbert, Ryan Whitney and Ladislav Smid) on the NHL depth chart.  The rest of the prospect pool consists of some underachievers, some overachievers, some uneven development curves and some interesting stories, but none of them are locks to make the bigs.

Odds are that the Oilers are going to draft a defender in the first round and odds are that defender will come from the WHL.  6 of the top 10 and 8 of the top 15 2012 eligible prospects are defensemen.  4 of those top 6 and 5 of the top 8 are currently playing in the WHL.  It won't be a surprise to hear the Oilers call Ryan Murray, Mathew Dumba, Morgan Rielly, Griffin Reinhart, or Derrick Pouliot in the first round in June.

Through a bit of serendipity, our favorite NHL Draft resource, The Scouting Report, published an early-season review of those five players by their WHL scout Daniel Lizee:

Top 5 Draft Eligible Defensemen from the Dub - The Scouting Report
Almost a quarter of the way into the season, here’s an update as to how 5 of the most touted NHL Draft eligible defensemen have been fairing.

Lizee makes the case for Morgan Rielly:

Coming into the season there was probably a gap between Rielly and the likes of Dumba and Murray, but that gap is closing rapidly with Rielly’s strong play.

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