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It Begins...

82 games. 50,006 miles.

Predictions of 13th in the conference. Predictions of 15th in the conference.

14 players age 25 and under. 12 first round draft picks.

Calder candidatesReclamation projects.

Finns againBegin Again.

CannonballWes WalzHeaded for the hall

Milestones. Coming home.

Let's hope we see less of this:

and this:

and this:

and much, much more of this:

and this:

and especially this:

The NHL made the Oilers wait for four days and handed them the juggernaut known as the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Even without Sidney Crosby the Pens are loaded and have beaten the Canucks and dominated the Flames.  The Oilers open the season with Ladislav Smid - Theo Peckham, Andy Sutton - Tom Gilbert, Cam Barker - Jeff Petry on the blueline and Devan Dubnyk in goal.  Keep them in your thoughts and hope that the forwards can hold on to the puck for 60 minutes.

But there's a chance.  There's always a chance.

It's opening day.  Drop the puck.  GOILERS.