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Oilersland Vol. 1, The Media In The Arena Debate

Editor's Note:  We can think of no greater gift to the 'Sphere than the return of some part of Covered In Oil. While we can't bring back the entire blog, even with Allan Watt out of the picture, we've given Mike, the most colorful of the CinO fellows, a platform to express himself.  We can only hope that J.J. Hebert isn't as iron fisted or as quick with zamboni placement as Watt was.  Consider this, and every comic strip that follows our Mitzvah to the 'Sphere and hockey fans in general.  It's been far too long since these guys last published.

We present to you Oilersland, Vol. 1, a day in the life of Oilers' owner Daryl Katz.

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