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A Goaltending Conflict In Edmonton?

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Edmonton finally has a stable, not spectacular goaltender in Devan Dubnyk.  He's not a superstar, but he's reliable, healthy and won't flake out on the team at random times like another well-known and well-paid goaltender in town.  Set the following story against that backdrop and marvel at the disconnect:

Goaltending: Conflicts & Feel Good Stories - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
The season is only 4 days old and we already have conflicts and "feel good" stories brewing in the nets.

There's no conflict.  Khabibulin is the backup and were it not for the enormous contract he received from the Oilers, he probably wouldn't be in the league right now.

And if Tom Renney has any shot at the Jack Adams, Devan Dubnyk is going to have an enormous hand in it:

Brodeur is a Fraud: Goalie Effects on the Jack Adams Award
Only one out of 21 of the teams that produced a Jack Adams award winner posted a below-average save percentage during that season. In contrast, during the prior year, 13 out of those 21 teams had a below-average save rate. During the year after, the goaltending still remained strong for the most part, with just three teams dropping back to below-average save numbers.

Around the league

Dallas Stars Finally Solve Smith, Beat Phoenix 2-1 in Shootout - Defending Big D
6,306 turned out for what was unfortunately the smallest crowd in Dallas Stars regular season history at American Airlines Center.  Take a team with all sorts of ownership issues, mix in a playoff baseball game, and drop in a game against a pretty bad team, and you get "Everyone gets their own row" day in Dallas.

Trying to make sense of Nashville's Brian McGrattan claim - On the Forecheck
In the old-school (and I'd argue, outdated) mindset that drives teams to employ enforcers, McGrattan represents an ICBM-class deterrent to opponents who might mess with your stars. The problem is that in the modern NHL, these enforcers haven't been shown to really prevent anything, as they aren't even on the ice long enough to make an impression.  It's a traditionalist line of thinking that is going to die a long, slow, agonizing death.  Stortini was no great shakes, but he's Wayne Gretzky when compared to Brian McGrattan.  Goons cost teams games, but NHL GM's are married to the idea of hired knuckles, even the good ones like David Poile.

Can Mika Zibanejad play in the NHL as an 18 year-old? - Silver Seven
If these 5 are met, I say stay. I look at Mika Zibanejad, and I say, 1) The kid is a beast physically. 6'2, over 200 pounds 2) This is hard to tell, but based on comments from coaches and teammates, people are impressed with his work ethic. 3) Is there a more solid presence in the NHL than Daniel Alfredsson? Especially for a Swedish player? 4) Will Mika learn much from the SEL? Hard to say, the ice surface makes it a much different game. 5) Yes. The Sens need a skilled two-way centre who will play the body and can fill a second line centre role.  It makes no sense to burn a year of Zibanejad's entry-level contract on a team most are picking to finish 15th in the East.  But, it's the NHL and Bryan Murray certainly isn't at the top of his game, so who knows what will happen. 

We do know that it would be a miserable failure if Zibanejad were to play tough minutes.  Broad Street Hockey told us so.

Young forwards and tough defensive minutes - Broad Street Hockey
If Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier can shoulder some of the load Richards and Carter used to take on, it will make their loss (and the loss of defensive stalwarts Blair Betts and Darroll Powe) easier to bear. How likely is that? Find out after the jump.

On-Ice Shooting Percentage as a Player Talent - Arctic Ice Hockey
Can players impact the overall shooting percentage of every player who's on the ice with them?

Czech Hockey Report: National Youth Academy Project
In recent years Czech hockey has seen Extraliga teams focusing more on short-term success on the ice, mainly due to financial incentives. Operating on tighter budgets, there was no time for teams to have developmental seasons in which to build for the future.

Oilers-Related Items

Leadership role fits Pats captain Brandon Davidson to the letter - Leader Post
Brandon Davidson understands the difference, knowing full well that the Regina Pats need more than a guy with a letter on his jersey. They need a captain who graciously accepts the badge of honour, embracing the privileges of the title as well as the burden that goes with it.  Davidson wasn't ready for the pro game, so it's nice to see him taking control of his WHL team.

Contracts! - bringing back the glory
Is Hemsky worth a contract extension? Should the Oilers trade him?

These aren't Oilers-related except for the fact that both lists lack for Oilers:

October Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Centres - Fantasy Hockey Scouts
Centre Rankings -->> Top 30

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Here are the top 10 guys who got the most out of their (sometimes) limited PP minutes ( PPP divided by PP TOI). If they can up their PP TOI we might be able to see a jump in their total production.