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OKC Barons Camp Roster Takes Shape

Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City--North Entrance (via <a href="">rshartley</a>)
Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City--North Entrance (via rshartley)

In a few short days, the Oklahoma CIty Barons will being their first ever training camp with great optimism. An optimism that begins with the Oilers promise of drafting well, and a commitment to truly developing young talent through it's AHL affiliate. That process has begun as the Barons announce their first ever training camp roster. Earlier this week we saw several assigned to the Barons, but yesterday a full group of 30 players, including some new camp invties, was released to the public as last minute training camp preparations begin for coaches Todd Nelson and Gerry Fleming.

Here is the list of players expected at camp on Monday, September 27th:

Mark Arcobello, Jesse Gimblett, Milan Kytnar, James Livingston, Matt Marquardt, Mike Thomas, Brian Matt, Chris Cloud, Scott Howes, Dustin Donaghy, Jarret Lukin, Dave Bonk, Troy Schwab, Matt Roberson, Dan Riedel, Mick Lawrence, Matt Pierce, Vladimir Nikiforov, Brian Bicek

Jordan Bendfield, Brennan Barker, Anthony Aiello, Mike Egener, Justin DaCosta, Steven Vanoosten, Sean Erickson, Tyler Fleck

Bryan Pitton, Beau Erickson, Wayne Savage

With Oilers training camp being so competitive it seems that they are hanging on to some of the more known prospects a little longer. Names like Hartikainen, Vande Velde, Omark, Giroux, Ondrus, McDonald, Moran, Belle, Taylor, Motin, and Gerber might see their names pop up on the list of Barons assignments in the near future. However, you can't blame the Oilers GM and coaching staff for wanting to get the right players as they enter a "rebuliding" year. It is also good to see some local players get some ice-time namely Dan Riedel, Sean Erickson, and Tyler Fleck. Riedel and Erickson have played most recently with the Tulsa Oilers of the Central Hockey League after collegiate and various league play. Tyler Fleck, who has recently been plagued with several injuries, was once the captain for the Oklahoma City Blazers where he made his home for parts of ten season.  

Will that competitive attitude translate to the Barons training camp? I hope so. Many of these players are looking for a soft landing spot after being bounced around in various leagues. However, the outlook of a young, hungry group of players suiting up for the Barons first season only makes the training camp that more interesting. 

Barons Training Camp Schedule
September 27-28 10:00-NOON
On Ice Practice

September 30 10:00-11:00
Blue Team Pregame Skate

September 30 11:15-12:15White Team Pregame Skate

September 30 7:05
Blue/White Intersquad Game

October 1 10:00-NOON
On Ice Practice

October 2 7:00
Preseason Game vs. Texas Stars