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Oilers Goal Music - More Suggestions!

When I wrote about Taylor Hall, The Kingston Cannonball, and his need for a goal song, I was hoping for a comment or two.  We ended up with a interesting weekend conversation in the comments and I received a handful of emails with suggestions for both Hall and other players.  I also had a suggestion that we should call it "Celebration Music" so that players like J-F Jacques and Steve MacIntyre can be included.  Who knew that goal music would be such a discussion-worthy topic?  It's not a serious topic, but it's fun to talk about nonetheless.  Below the jump, I've added in all of the suggestions from the discussion and reader emails.  Who else deserves a song?


# Player  Song Artist
4 Taylor Hall Cannonball The Breeders

Wabash Cannonball
5 Ladislav Smid

6 Ryan Whitney

10 Shawn Horcoff

13 Andrew Cogliano Mambo Italiano Dean Martin
14 Jordan Eberle The Mob Goes Wild Clutch
22 J-F Jacques

27 Dustin Penner Gigantic The Pixies

Sausalito Summerlight Diesel
28 Ryan Jones Hair Hair
33 Steve MacIntyre Smash Offspring
35 Nikolai Khabibulin

38 Jeff Deslauriers

40 Devan Dubnyk

42 Ryan O'Marra

43 Jason Strudwick

46 Zach Stortini

49 Theo Peckham

67 Gilbert Brule

77 Tom Gilbert Tommy Gun
The Clash
83 Ales Hemsky

89 Sam Gagner

91 Magnus Paajarvi Oh Boy Peps Persson

Entrance Music
Problems Against Me!

Goal Against Sway Rolling Stones


It's an eclectic list so far, but I like that.  It shows a little creativity and is certainly different from the typical arena celebration.  What other songs fit this team and these guys?  If the longshot Hartikainen makes the club, we know his favorite song, so that one is covered.  Should sound system blare Zorg's "I know this music.  Let's change the beat." every time Stortini is sent out for a faceoff?  Mambo Italiano is on tap for Coligano, what about "Jump Around" by House of Pain for Ryan O'Marra?