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The Kingston Cannonball Needs Goal Music

Photo by Jim Schmiedeberg.
Photo by Jim Schmiedeberg.

The Kingston Cannonball, Taylor Hall, is probably going to score goals in droves in his time in Edmonton.  While Econoline Crush's "Get Out Of The Way" is an adequate celebration song when the Oilers score a goal, finding music for specific players might be a unique way to personalize the game experience.

I can think of no better goal music for hall than "Cannonball" by the Breeders, specifically the part beginning at 1:25.  It fits his new nickname, it's loud, and it's got possibilities as an anthem.

When Magnus Pääjärvi interviewed with us, he told us his favorite song.  I'm a big fan of reggae, and I think hearing "Oh Boy" by Peps Persson after a goal would make for a festive and happy atmosphere.  I know it doesn't match the over-amped, screaming goal songs popular in many arenas, but it's quirky and fun and I think it would work well:

What other players deserve their own goal celebration songs, and what should they be?