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Weekend Update

Bruce may have made fun of me for it, but who's laughing now? This is my rookie signed flag that spends its days in my living room.
Bruce may have made fun of me for it, but who's laughing now? This is my rookie signed flag that spends its days in my living room.

Well wouldn't you know it, another week has passed and another sad Oilers' story is in the news. True, Gator is no longer in the organization, but I just wrote a piece on him being my favourite post-dynasty Oiler. When this story broke, and even now, it just doesn't seem right to me. I am going to reserve judgment until I hear more, just like I should have done with the Patrick Kane New Year's Eve story. Sigh.

For me, the happiest news of the week was hearing that Andrew Cogliano was signed to a one year deal with the Oilers. I know most people would be happier if the Oilers shipped Cogliano to another team, but I still believe that he can be great, and a valuable member of the team. With Pisani gone, I hope to see Cogliano used on the PK because, with his speed, Cogliano could be extremely effective carrying the puck out of the defensive zone. On Oilers Lunch, Cogliano expressed that the contract negotiations were quite the process. He also mentioned that he and Gagner took the three "young guys" out for dinner, and he sees himself and Gagner helping out the new rookies by giving advice and support. Cogliano also mentioned that he wants to "move towards playing hard at both ends." He wants to take and win more faceoffs, play hard, and prove to both himself and the organization that he can contribute in a way that matters. Time will tell if most everyone is right, or if I am, but I'm hoping for some great things from my boy Cogs this year.

In other happy news, Kevin Lowe and Taylor Hall have come to an agreement over which number Hall will wear. That's right, we will see another Oiler in #4. On Oilers Lunch on Wednesday Kevin Lowe said that he was glad that he was going to see another player using his number. If Kevin Lowe enters the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Oilers retire his number, Taylor Hall will be giving up his number in favour of another. I did like some of the sound bytes from this ordeal, especially Hall mentioning that he didn't want #44 since that number seems to be cursed as of late. I found it funny because Hall is obviously no fool and knows what has been going on with the Oilers over the past few years, but also because we currently have a player who wears #44. The other striking thing about how everything has turned out is that no one has worn #4 since Lowe. Keep in mind, love him or hate him, Lowe was the Oilers' first ever pick, not just a first round pick. Kevin Lowe also scored the Oilers' first ever goal in the NHL. How fitting that Taylor Hall, the first ever first overall pick will wear the same number, and hopefully help to lead this team back to the winning ways we dream of. We here at Copper and Blue took a minute to put together some thoughts on this (yes, I pretty much repeated my thoughts above).

Sheldon Souray? Still an Oiler.

Former Oiler Ryan Potulny signed a two-way deal with the Chicago Blackhawks. I think this is an interesting signing; it might help the Hawks fill some of the gaps they now have. Will Potulny and Pisani be what the Hawks need? Who knows, only time will tell.

The Oiler rookies and the UofA Golden Bears will not be playing an exhibition game this year. This is too bad for the rabid hockey fans in the city of Edmonton, but also for the University of Alberta. This game generates a lot of revenue that is used to fund sports for the students. I hope that this is something that will return in future years. Perhaps the schedules were just too tight, especially with the sort of spotlight our rookies have on them now.

Speaking of the rookies, the rookie tournament is going to start September 12th. Many fans and media members are heading out to Penticton to take in the excitement. Its funny to hear the comments on sports talk radio where people say that they want Edmonton to slaughter Calgary. I guess Bruce's piece on the beatdown of Alberta really was timely.

In NHL news this week... not too much happening. Kaberle spoke out against some comments his father made on coach Ron Wilson. It seems that Kaberle and the Leafs are going to play nice and try to work together this next season. No new news on the ongoing Phoenix drama. Will a buyer come forward? Will they have money? Will the team ever make money? I still feel pretty confident saying yes to the first two and NO to the last one. The team will move, eventually... I hope, wish? Training camps are starting, fans are getting excited - we're almost to pre-season!

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In and around Edmonton, if you had tickets for the Serj Tankian show... bad news, it's been cancelled. Pauly Shore is at Union Hall tonight, the Canadian Country Music Awards are in town and it is also Country Music week, which means that there are events all over the city. You know, if country music is your thing.

Looking for a new recipe? Here is one that I love to make for friends, but it definitely has a bite when I make it because I add some extra Thai spice for good measure: a nice reduced twice tomato sauce.