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Khabibulin's Pending Border Troubles From GlobalTV

There's one side of the Extreme DUI story which I've been unable to cover thus far, though not for lack of trying, and that's the troubles that Nikolai Khabibulin will have entering Canada.  None of the immigration lawyers that I've talked to thus far have any interest in going on the record, though I don't know if it's because it's for The Copper & Blue, or because of the case itself.  Thanks to our outstanding community, however, we get what I believe to be the first in-depth mainstream coverage of the case and the first coverage from the Canadian government's standpoint, and remarkably it comes from GlobalTV.

From frequent commenter Downright Fierce*:

Erin Chalmers covered the reKhab sentencing for GlobalTV. [Skip to 2:00 for the interview] Her take:

As soon as Khabibulin was convicted… he was immediately deemed Criminally Inadmissible to Canada… Say the appeal is denied, he then has to go through quite a rigorous process… [that] can take a year if not longer… He could apply for a Temporary Resident permit, which would allow Khabibulin back into the country but under special circumstances.

Global then cut to Wendy Danson, an immigration lawyer from McCuaig Desrochers LLP:

Immigration wants to see the reason for their entry, the urgency, whether it’s justified in all of the circumstances of the case, and the individual needs to make a compelling case… What the officer’s assessing is what is the risk to Canadians or to Canada by letting in a criminal. On the other hand, what are the advantages… to letting that person in.

Chalmers added: If the person’s employer is behind the individual and wants to see them to come across the border, that will definitely help their case. Chalmers went on to mention that reKhab would be further aided by the fact that it is first conviction and that there was no injuries or fatalities.

So there you go...that’s the best info I heard all day regarding the Canadian border issue.


*Special thanks to Downright Fierce for transcribing the above report.