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Khabibulin's Sentence - Too Mild?

It's hard to believe that it was way back on February 8th that Nikolai Khabibulin was pulled over in Scottsdale Arizona for driving his Ferrari 70 MPH in a 45 MPH zone while impaired when we're getting ready to flip the calendar to September. After being rescheduled multiple times, Khabibulin had is day in court last Friday, and was found guilty. Today, the sentence was passed.

Khabibulin will serve the minimum time, pay the minimum fine and undergo "treatment." From what we understand the minimum time will be 30 days, and a $250 fine. Khabibulin has 14 days to appeal, and Tambellini is expected to issue an announcement shortly. Updates will be added as they become available.

One can now say that Bulin will serve time behind the wall... funny? Points for trying right?

UPDATE: Numbers being talked about for the fine include a $507.60 base fine, $500.00 DPS and $500 DUI assessment for a total of $1507.60. Our very own Derek Zona did some excellent research into what Khabibulin might be facing earlier this summer. Yesterday Derek speculated into what the sentence could mean for Khabibulin crossing the border.

UPDATE: Sarah McLellan Arizona Republic sports reporter is reporting that Khabibulin will be appealing the ruling. There is no estimate on the appeal process time line, but Khabibulin will be at training camp.

UPDATE: Sarah McClellan reports that the appeal has been filed, Khabibulin is free to go, and go he did right out the back door to avoid cameras.

UPDATE: Due to the short notice of the Oilers' statement, very few media organizations are in attendance; news is now coming second and third hand. It also sounds as though an intent to appeal has been filed, not an actual appeal. Tambellini expects Khabibulin to attend camp, thinks that alcohol is not a regular problem from the goaltender, and doesn't expect any travel issues during the appeal process. A full update will be available once a written statement is issued by the Oilers.

UPDATE: McClellan reports that Khabibulin has been in alcohol counseling since the arrest. She also says that Khabibulin will enter the NHLPA's alcohol treatment program, which may count toward his counseling and classes for his suspended sentence.

UPDATE: Tambellini fielded questions on Sheldon Souray and said he believes that the defenseman might be in training camp. He mentioned no real updates on the Andrew Cogliano negotiations.