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Introducing Neal Livingston, Now Covering The Oklahoma City Barons

by - <a href="" target="new">Serge Melki </a> - The Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City.
by - Serge Melki - The Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City.

After a prolonged search and months of assessment, the group here has finally hung a shingle in Oklahoma City.  In from a day of chasing dogies all over the prairie, Neal Livingston has agreed to cover the Oklahoma City Barons for The Copper & Blue.  Neal is an Oklahoma City local, he wears a ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots, and drives a 1977 Ford Bronco.  He enjoys chewing tobacco, Clint Eastwood and rattlesnake round-ups.

Actually, Neal is an enormous hockey fan, and an enormous Barons' fan even though they've yet to play a game.  Neal is a graphic and web designer, so if you're in need of some design work, you know where to find your man.  Aside from doing great design work, Neal is a creative and thoughtful writer, and we expect him to deliver the best Barons coverage anywhere.

He's going to be covering the Barons through game recaps, team and news analysis, and some other special features that we'll unveil as the season progresses.  

Please join me in welcoming Neal to the biggest group of curmudgeons in the hockey world.