Liam Reddox Contract


Liam Reddox signed a new one-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers almost a week ago, and has earned a $25,000 raise at the AHL level to $90,000 if he plays in OKC. He also earned a raise of $35,000 at the NHL level and will make $550,000 if he's in Edmonton. That figure is $16,500 less than his qualifying offer, an amount that Reddox was willing to give up in order to get a better salary in the AHL. This negotiating strategy is one the Oilers have used quite often this season with their lower-level restricted free agents. Reddox is very valuable at the AHL level this season because, although he has plenty of professional experience, he doesn't yet qualify as an "AHL veteran", but with only 55 games to go until he reaches that threshold, Reddox may have a much harder time finding a contract a year from now. That being the case, I'm surprised he didn't push for a multi-year deal.