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Oklahoma City Barons It Is, After All



We were not amused by Prodigal Hockey's ruse and thought all along that it would be the Oklahoma City Barons.  Oilfield Hockey's investigatory skills pay off once again and three hours ahead of the official announcement today, he's discovered the team banner at the official AHL website:



So welcome the Oklahoma City Barons to the AHL and to the Oiler franchise.  If you're not following @OilFieldHockey on Twitter and you're not reading Oil Field Hockey each day, you should be.  It was Oil Field Hockey's initial discovery of the Barons crest and logo (I found the shoulder patch by piggy-backing off of his searches).  It was also Oil Field Hockey's idea to do the domain name searches that found the names being considered in the first place.  We spent a couple of evenings doing reverse lookups and reverse registrar searches on google.   He's a wonderful investigative blogger and I have no doubt that he'll keep the Oilers and Prodigal Hockey on the up and up in Oklahoma City.