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Shepso at the Worlds-an email to our readers from the European Desk

Dear C & B readers,

My name is Shepso. You might know me from such blogs as Bringing Back The Glory and for my occasional fan-shots, rants, and roundtable commentaries right here on the C & B. What you might not know is that I am currently in Europe, which is why you may see my lovely image on the bottom as the Eurodesk, temporarily replacing our Swedish columnist. What this means is that I am trying my best to cover as much as possible, whenever I happen to be near a computer. So far I have failed miserably in my task, but what can you expect? I am in Poland after all. Polish computers?  Not so good... The good news is I am redeeming myself by actually attending one of the games this week, as I have changed up my travel plans and will be in Mannheim on Thursday, just in time to catch a quarterfinal match. In the next couple days I will be trying to get all the Euro-affairs stuff caught up, including something of a summary of events, possibly even a recap of tonight's (today's for most of you) Canada-Sweden game. At last glance,  it didn't look so good. At all...

More to come as soon as I can post it