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WC & Oiler news: Eberle added to Team Canada roster

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"We'll be OK. We have a lot of guys with a lot of firepower on this team and I don't think a lot of it's been unleashed yet."

-- Jordan Eberle, on Team Canada's scoring depth

Judging from that comment, Jordan Eberle doesn't lack for confidence. :) 

The quote comes from a Globe & Mail article that confirms the Edmonton Oilers prize prospect has officially been added to Team Canada in time for tomorrow's Qualifying Round game against Norway (08:15 MDT). Funny that such an article should start out declaring "There is no white knight waiting in the wings for Canada" when true Oiler fans know better in their heart of hearts. Where Eberle goes, goals are sure to follow. BIG goals. CLUTCH goals.

Eberle will at first replace that other 50-goal scorer for Canada, Steven Stamkos, who is out for at least tomorrow's game with mild concussion symptoms. Canada has room for one additional skater, most likely a forward given the injury situation. Unfortunately it will not be Sidney Crosby, who has ruled himself out of the tournament.

In addition to a forward, Canada will almost certainly add another experienced netminder in the next day or so. Possibilities of recently-eliminated goalies include Marc-Andre Fleury and Roberto Luongo. A strong possibility is that with the previously-rumoured Carey Price stuck in Montreal ;), Messier may simply dip into the larger talent pool that has been there all along. It is difficult to imagine that any Oilers would be targeted under any but the most dire of circumstances.  

That said, a few copper-n-blue types are already playing in the tourney. Today the Oilers' other prize prospect, Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson, scored Sweden's lone goal in a 2-1 defeat to the Czech Republic that nonetheless locked up Group C for Tre Kronor. MPS currently leads the Swedes in points, plus, and shots.

At the other end of the spectrum, Taylor Chorney's 17 total shifts in 3 games are half the number of the next lowest American. Obviously he must be struggling because of Struds' absence.

Here are stats for all Oiler properties through the end of the Preliminary Round: 

Player Country GP TOI/G G A P +/- SoG
MPS SWE 3 13:05 2 2 4 +3 11
Omark SWE 3 13:02 0 2 2 EV 7
Potulny USA 3 15:31 0 0 0 -2 8
Chorney USA 3 4:18 0 0 0 EV 0