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Strudwick And Chorney Star In "The Shift"

Garth Paulson from That Didn't Miss By Much breaks down "The Shift": Taylor Chorney and Jason Strudwick's nearly-four minute opus to bad defense against the Red Wings. Bruce described it thusly :

Jason Strudwick plays a shift that lasts 1:55, then after a 90-second rest, he and Taylor Chorney get caught out for a shift that lasts 3:45 without a whistle, the longest shift since Eddie Shore in 1929. In those agonizing 225 seconds the official play-by-play records 17 events, every last one of them in the Oilers zone. By the time Deslauriers finally manages to pounce on the puck, the overmatched duo has each recorded a Corsi rating of -11 on a single shift.

From Paulson's article on "The Shift"

I draw this to your attention because, A) it’s hilarious, B) it’s a wonderful time capsule of how bad the Oilers have been this year, C) it demonstrates the ridiculously bad luck the ridiculously bad Oilers have had this year as Strudwick started the season as the seventh defenseman and Chorney, who has yet to prove he can handle the AHL, has played 38 games in the NHL this season, and D) the clip might be the most amazing piece of NHL footage, and single worst shift, of the year.

Spend the time to read Paulson's article. It's well worth the time.