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KalPa Prepares For Hartikainen's Departure

Hartikainen-teemu19_medium Our man on the inside, Waker, sends along a translated article from Kuopio's local newspaper, Savon Sanomat.  In it, KalPa has announced the signing of Swedish forward Matthias Månsson.  The signing is of interest to Edmonton and Oklahoma City fans because Waker has indicated that "Månsson is very similar to Hartikainen in size and style of play."

According to the article, the signing is key because, "Teemu Hartikainen, 19, heads to Edmonton Oilers training camp next september and may not come back this time."

The authors of the article, Jouni Huttunen, Wesa Koistinen, spoke to Sami Kapanen about the signing:

"... by signing Mathias Månsson we are preparing for the possibility of Teemu leaving for Edmonton. It's also completely plausible that we can keep both players for next season."