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Oilers' Prospect News Is Good For Oklahoma City Fans

by <a href="" target="new">Jean Lapointe</a> - Philippe Cornet in action for the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.
by Jean Lapointe - Philippe Cornet in action for the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies.


Today's collection of prospect news should be of interest to Oklahoma City hockey fans.  The Oilers are set to bring in a large group of young players new to the organization and should begin Steve Tambellini's much-anticipated change this fall.  The new AHL affiliate could see as many as eight drafted players begin their professional careers in September.


Cornet Signing Imminent

From the man himself, Philippe Cornet expects to sign with Edmonton soon.  His agent has been speaking with Rick Olczyk and he should be signed "by the end of the week, but I'm still waiting."  Cornet sounds very happy to be coming to the Oilers and The Copper & Blue readers should be excited as well.  You should all be rooting for Cornet to make it to the show if for no other reason than to make Ben eat his words:

Still, if Cornet shows up in the NHL I'll print off this blog post and eat it. These guys simply don't make it, and if they're not going to make it what's the point of drafting them? 

Philippe is on board with overseeing while Ben eats the post, so we must make this happen.


Hartikainen Invited To Team Finland Camp

via commenter ehuisman comes news that Teemu Hartikainen was named to Team Finland's second World Championships training camp today. He will be on the roster for the team during next week's Swedish 4-nation tournament.  Team Finland takes on Team Russia Thursday, and ehuisman will be on hand for the game. 

Though this isn't the news that Edmonton fans are waiting for, it is encouraging that Hartikainen was invited to this camp.  It's not an Olympic camp, but it does give a sense as to how Hartikainen is viewed by the Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto.  Hartikainen's appearance at the World Championships would give Oilers' fans a close-up look at the young Finn in an NHL-level tournament.  I asked ehuisman whether he thought Hartikainen would be able to make transition to the North American game:

I don't think he should have any problems with it on the ice. The smaller ice surface should suit him well since his skating still isn't too impressive, even though it has developed a lot since his draft day.


Lander Proceeding With Timrå Negotiations

Anders Nilsson, sports reporter for Sundsvall Tidning, reports that Timrå IK is in the advanced stages of negotiations with Anton Lander for a contract covering next season.  As we've reported, Lander has not been in contact with the Oilers about coming to Oklahoma City and doesn't feel the immediate need to move to North America.  Lander has taken a very pragmatic approach to his status.