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Oilers v. Ducks - 1 Thessalonians 2:17-20

O faithful Oilogosphere, the playoffs have been torn away from us for a time (at least in the present, we always have video), but I want you to know that this isn't generally because of a lack of effort from those wearing the jersey. They wanted to make the playoffs! Certainly a man like Shawn Horcoff who played through various injuries, skated against the other team's best and often in the defensive zone was trying his heart out! The problem is Satan, who stopped them by taking over the body of an old friend and sending us fans that ridiculous puppet too. But it is our hope that when God redeems us his people from the clutches of Satan that we will be overjoyed together even as we mourn today. Yes, we will all share in the victory and, in sharing it, will find glory and joy.

Edmonton Oilers (27-46-8) @ Anaheim Ducks (38-32-11)

Honda Center, 6:00 P.M. MDT
Television: Sportsnet West

More analysis after the jump...

Visiting Team Scouting Report:

The Anaheim Ducks are bad! But now that Burke and Pronger are gone, it's just not much fun to indulge in it. In fact, why bother? Pronger himself is in the playoffs and will probably beat the Devils and that choker Brodeur in the first round (did you see the Olympics), roll right over Jose and the PussyCaps in the second round, knock out both Crosby and Malkin with elbows in the third forcing us to endure a Matt Cooke interview about guys needing to show some respect and then that man will lift the Cup after beating up on Vancouver in the Finals. And we won't even be able to boo because he'll have saved us from Vancouver winning it all. And then we can look Anaheim in the eye and ask them how it feels to get a 30th pick without winning the Cup. Oh look! A first-rounder! How exciting! Yeah, not so good. So thanks for being bad Anaheim, but you're about three fucking years late.

Expected Lineups

Edmonton Oilers (27-46-8):

Moreau - Horcoff - No Masterton
Penner - Potulny - Marchant with Ha... Hahahahaha!
Comrie - Pouliot - Stortini

Jones - Stortini - Linglet

Gilbert - Whitney

Strudwick - Chorney
Johnson - Arsene


Anaheim Ducks (38-32-11)

Ryan - Bonino - Perry
Masterton - Masterton - BFF (Best Finn Forever)
Beleskey - Cogliano with Brains - Bodie
Brown - Chipchura - Parros

Niedermayer - Eminger
Visnovsky - Wisniewski
Festerling - Brookbank


Behind the Numbers:

  • Ethan Moreau is +1 on the PK since the Olympic break. An impressive run from Moreau in a role he's had for a long time to close out his Oiler career.
  • At age 22 Todd Marchant scored 38 points in 81 games and ended the year -19 (Marchant's Oilers were -64 as a team). At the same age Andrew Cogliano has amassed 27 points in 81 games but is only -6 (Cogliano's Oilers are -65 as a team).
  • Because I can, I will once again flog you with my prophetic genius. 27 wins baby!

  • Tonight's game features three goalies outside the top 60 (no minutes played limits) in EV save percentage. Curtis McElhinney leads the pack at .908, followed by Jeff Deslauriers at .906 and Devan Dubnyk at .902. If I was forced to keep only one of the two Oiler goalies going forward, you better believe I'd (reluctantly) take Dubnyk.
    • In case anyone hasn't seen it, Matt Cooke got knocked out by ONE punch and then was punched ONE more time for good measure. "OHHHHHH! He knocked... Cooke is out." After 35 seconds the announcers make a wrong turn and start to feel bad for Cooke but up to that point the call is pretty great:
    • Matt Cooke vs. Evander Kane (via fcfightlog)