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Oilers News, Notes and Links for Sunday March 7th

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Burn out the day
Burn out the night
I can't see no reason to put up a fight
I'm living for giving the devil his due

--Blue Oyster Cult, Burnin' For You

The deadline has passed and the optimists took the moves as some sort of hope.  The realists look and see a condemned building.  It's going to be burned to the ground by a fellow that may not have a match.

Evernote has some really interesting stuff this time around:

There will be no Jordan Eberle in Edmonton this season - he's headed to Springfield.  It might be a going away present for the fans that have been made to suffer really bad hockey for so long.


Going by his blog and his Twitter account, Eklund was exactly as accurate as the trade rumor generator this deadline.


Deadline "grades" are out:

ESPN has a bizarre ranking system where somehow the Staios trade makes sense for Calgary. (Warning:  Link launches embedded video)


It took me 29 seconds to finish this Sporcle quiz, the teams of the NHL.


Aaron Johnson once finished 3rd in defensive scoring in the QMJHL.  Just throwing that out there.


Teemu Hartikainen threw 28 shots on net in his previous four games and couldn't buy a goal.  Then last night he bangs home 2 goals on 3 shots.


William Quist's Nybro Vikings have qualified for the Allsvenskan playoffs, and if Google translator isn't insane, Quist is close to returning to the lineup after recovering from losing the outer ligament of his knee.


Since returning from the Olympic break, Mats Zuccarello-Aasen has 4 goals and 5 assists in 3 games for MODO.  Check out my breakdown of Zuccarello-Aasen here.  Edmonton should already have a contract offer out there for him.  But since that makes sense, Detroit or Nashville will end up signing him.


Gabe Desjardins tries to determine if Edmonton's defensive lineup from the other night was worse than Switzerland.


The outstanding Brad Hornung of Hornung On Hockey has a scouting report of Emerson Etem of the Medicine Hat Tigers.  Hornung thinks that Etem will slot in late first round or early second.  He's a guy I think the Oilers should target with the 31st pick and they should be willing to move up if necessary to get him.


There is a distinct possibility that The Copper & Blue will soon fill your airwaves.  Well, your virtual airwaves, at least.

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