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Edmonton Claims Ryan Jones On Waivers

Via @JonathanWillis on Twitter the Oilers have plucked 25-year-old forward Ryan Jones off of waivers from the Nashville Predators.  Jones is a gritty fourth line player with physical prowess and some skating problems.  He's a fan-favorite in both Minnesota (where he began his career) and Nashville.

Tyler looks at the bizarre nature of this move, as apparently the Oilers have had interest for some time, but didn't get him included in the trade.  Read Tyler's piece, it's very interesting.


Ryan Jones

#28 / Left Wing / Nashville Predators



Jun 14, 1984

2009 - Ryan Jones 41 7 4 11 3 18 2 0 0 0 53 13.2


A brief look at his microstats shows a 4th line player, and a replacement for Ethan Moreau or Jean-Francois Jacques.  He delivered about 1.5 hits per game in extremely limited ice time - he only plays 9:03 at even strength per game.


Hits Rk QC Corsi QC Corsi Rk PDO PDO Rk
ES +/- 15
ES +/- Rk
2009 - Ryan Jones Micros
63 1/11 10/11 6/11 11/11 103.6 1/11 .165 5/11 48.9 4/11

The most interesting piece to Ryan Jones' game is his ability to draw penalties.  This year he's 5th out of 379 NHL forwards in Penalties Drawn to Penalties Taken Differential / 60 behind only Patrick Kaleta, Dustin Brown, Jordin Tootoo and Vladimir Zharkov.  He draws 3 penalties for every 60 minutes of time on ice and only takes 1.2 - if he is Ethan Moreau's replacement, it will be an enormous difference in the penalties category alone.  Ethan Moreau is 366/379 in this category.

He's not a fighter, so he's not going to replace the out-of-favor Zack Stortini, and we can sit and wait and only surmise that this means Ethan Moreau is on his way out.

It seems like like a fourth line of Ryan Jones - Marc Pouliot - Ryan Stone is somewhere in the making.



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