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Trade Deadline Day - It's Hockey Christmas

Ethan Moreau at Home
Ethan Moreau at Home

Deadline day is upon us.  While Oiler fans are split between hoping for a miracle and hoping that Steve Tambellini doesn't infect Sam Gagner with the Ebola virus, other fans actually get to enjoy the trade deadline.  To get a sense of where the Oilers stand, read my take on the trade value of the each player on the roster (on Denis Grebeshkov, by "high round pick" I didn't mean 50+), a review of the trade rumors we've all heard about, check out the Sharks trade targets, take a look at what the Coyotes think about Ethan Moreau, and then there are the always pleasurable thoughts on the Denis Grebeshkov trade.

Though we're not a rumors site, and don't aren't going to be your source for the latest silly season trades, we have been able to find out a few things.  Here's what we at The Copper & Blue have heard from some pretty reliable people:

  • Dustin Penner won't be moved
  • The market for Fernando Pisani is non-existent
  • Robert Nilsson won't likely be traded today.
  • Tom Gilbert was asked about by at least two teams and the Oilers weren't receptive to the overture.

We're not Darren Dreger and don't claim to be, and that's why our news isn't exciting.  Sorry.  Dreger said this morning that Sheldon Souray has opened up his list to 19 teams, and will not go to another Canadian team.


SB Nation has a deadline hub with a listing of all deadline stories from our 33 hockey sites.  Find that hub by clicking the button below:



NHL Trade Rumors and Hockey Blogs - SB Nation NHL Trade Deadline


So spend some time with your family recounting the year and celebrate the season.