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Oilers Scoring Chances - Another Copper & Blue Trivia Contest - UPDATED!

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Editor's Note:  No one guessed correctly, so I'm going to run this again.  Since the last question was asked, one of our beloved Oilmen has gone into the red, leaving us with only four players in the black.  There is actually a 5th player at even.


We're back for another giveaway.  This one requires little to no effort on your part, so like Steve Tambellini, you guys should be really good at this contest.  If we have more than one correct answer, we will determine the winner by highest Fan Corsi.  Actually, we'll draw names from a hat.

Thirty-one skaters have appeared for the Oilers this year.  As of today, four of them have a net positive scoring chance differential.  Name them.

The winner gets this lovely shirt:



UPDATE:  Doogie2k, he of the expert FanPost, won.  The answers?  Ales Hemsky, Dustin Penner, Ryan Stone, Lubomir Visnovsky.

Sam Gagner went into the red against the Wings and Robert Nilsson jumped up to even.