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Paajarvi And Lander Fight For Their Playoff Lives

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It only makes sense that Timrå is fighting for their playoff lives, considering that they currently employ two prospects belonging to the Edmonton Oilers.  Timrå is tied with MODO and one point behind Luleå as the SEL season winds to a close.  MODO has one game left and Timrå and Luleå have one each -- against each other.

Our Swedish friend Jimmy Hamrin has a great recap of his experience watching Timra's last game at his blog, and the SEL website posted an article that explains the possibilities in the final weekend of regular season play:

Timrå, on the other hand, has picked up ground by taking 12 of 15 points since the Olympic break and now has 71 points (same as MODO) trailing Luleå by only one going in to the last two games. Timrå faces off with Luleå in the final day, so that match could potentially decide the last play-off spot. MODO's fate is in the hands of Luleå and Timrå. They just need to win their final 2 and hope for the best.

MODO, they of Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund, Nicklas Sundstrom, Mattias Sundstrom and Mats Zucarrello-Aasen could not beat SSK and they are now forced to watch Timrå and Luleå head-to-head with the playoffs on the line.  Pääjärvi and Lander at their finest.  This is a game I wish I could watch on TSN 2.