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Oklahoma City AHL Announcement press conference video and Kevin Lowe radio interview

Edmonton held a press conference at the Cox Center to unveil their new partnership today.  Click here to watch


In advance of today's 4 P.M. CST announcement concerning the new AHL team in Oklahoma City, we've discovered an additional four domains, all registered to the same address that Prodigal Hockey is registered.

Perhaps management listened when Oiler fans bristled at the domain.  Previously, I was told that the Oil Kings were the front-runner, but a separate source says that the Roadrunners are the front-runner.  With this discovery, it would seem that the 89ers and the Hawks are out of the running, but we've now been told that Prodigal Hockey isn't 100% sure of the name yet.

Thanks to the OKCSlackers message board for the investigative help.


As indicated below, Prodigal Hockey is running a name the team contest.

The Oilers with a well-timed press release about the move.  AHL President David Andrews quoted.

The Sports Animal will carry an interview with Kevin Lowe at 4:30 P.M. CST. The guy on air just called Lowe the "General Manager" of the Edmonton Oilers. 

Sounds about right.


Kevin Lowe interviewed with The Sports Animal in Oklahoma City, notes from the interview below:

Lowe is introduced as the "General Manager" of the Oilers.  Lowe does not correct him.

The host and Lowe's sons played together at Shattuck Saint-Marys.

Lowe says "we are indeedly excited to bring world class hockey to Oklahoma City"

Calls the AHL a very important developmental league and mentions the history of OKC.  Sather played there, so it must be a good place.  Lowe explains a bit about the league and the level of play.

Lowe slips and calls them the "Blazers" and corrects himself "We're not certain that it's going to be the Blazers"

Lowe makes distinction half-way through the interview and says that he is President of Hockey Operations, and that Steve Tambellini is the General Manager.  [Mr. Watt, are you reading?]

Says that the last few years have been lean, but that coming to Oklahoma City will help the team turn the corner. 

The host mentions the kid on the U.S. WJC team and Lowe corrects him "the Canadian boy, Eberle"  Lowe talks about Eberle's big goals. 

Co-host asks about the television contract killing the NHL.  Lowe says that it's a gate-driven business and that the future growth of the NHL is in the grass roots.  Hobey Baker award nominees coming from California, Texas and Florida.  American success is key to growing the game.

Host asks about the 80's Edmonton teams.  Lowe recounts his time with the team.  "I've got a bit of a legacy and a link to the Oilers."  Thinks that the Oilers would have won eight or nine cups if the team stayed together.

Co-host is a Rangers fan and asks how a franchise like the Rangers can only win one cup in 70 years.  Lowe counters with the Oilers haven't won a cup in 20 years.

Host recounts seeing Wayne Gretzky in a towel.  "He looked like a towel boy". Lowe said Gretzky had "big legs and a big ass".  Strong hands and great balance.

Co-host asks what is more of a determination in coming to OKC - the success of hockey in the past or the success of the Oklahoma City Thunder?  Lowe replies that the success of the Central Hockey League was the number one driver.  Touches on the success of the teams in the southwest, the Stars and the Rampage.  Talks about the Funk family and their support of hockey. Compares the oil-based economies of Oklahoma City and Edmonton.

Host is confused by the leagues in minor and junior hockey.  Lowe gives them a primer on NCAA vs. AHL hockey, NCAA is "no comparison" to the AHL.