TSN: Souray's Trade List at Six

TSN's Darren Dreger reports that Sheldon Souray's list of accepted trade destinations is six long: Anaheim, Dallas, LA, Washington, Philly, and the Rangers. Anaheim and LA are obvious, because of the proximity to his kids, and even Dallas makes sense from that perspective, though they're a bubble team. Of course, everyone wants to play with Alex Ovechkin. Philly and Manhattan? I'm not sure I get them. Both are big media markets, sure, and Philly at least seems like it'd be a good situation in the long run, as there's enough talent on D that he can take a step back if he has to, but New York just makes no sense to me. It's a bubble team, it's across the continent from his kids, and the only ex-teammate I can think of offhand, Chris Higgins, just got traded to the Flames.

Of course, none of that matters if no one's willing to take a guy with three broken bones in his hand for anything more than picks. You'd have to think at minimum the Oilers want two roster players, one for now and one for later, and a pick or two out of any trade for two and a quarter years of Souray. Who would you guys target from each team? I already made my wish list from the Kings (Wayne Simmonds, Colton Teubert, first) last month, and I know Derek's big on Matt Niskanen from Dallas.

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