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Oklahoma City Roughnecks?

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There's a possibility that Prodigal Hockey, LLC and the Edmonton Oilers are listening to the future fanbase in Oklahoma City.  Early in the process it seemed that the Oilers were set continuity in the name of their new [old] AHL franchise.  Rumors circulated that they were going to name the team the Oilers, and the fans reacted.  Edmonton management didn't realize the rivalry that existed between the Tulsa Oilers of the CHL and the Oklahoma CIty Blazers.

In mid-January, with the help of the OKC Slackers message board, The Copper & Blue revealed that Prodigal Hockey had reserved six domain names.  The reaction was mixed -- Oklahoma City fans were upset at the possibility of the Oilers, and Edmonton fans were upset with the "okcoilers" URL.  Most decided that Oklahoma City Oil Barons was the least offensive to the senses.

Upon announcing the new affiliation, Prodigal Hockey also announced a name the team contest on their website.  Many commenters here and at the Slackers board liked the "Roughnecks" name and likely submitted it to Prodigal.  Yesterday it was discovered that Prodigal Hockey has now registered two more domains: