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Oilers v. Kings - Isaiah 9:1-7

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No matter what happens, remember that the days of darkness and distress will not drag on indefinitely. Those governed by MacTavish and Quinn were humbled, but there will come a day when Renney's men will be filled with God's glory.

My people who have walked so long in darkness
have seen a great light!
Those managers who drove this team into the gutter
have been enlightened!

You will create new fans,
and make old fans leap out of their seats!
The people will revel in happiness because of you,
like six-year-olds on Christmas morning,
and sixteen-year olds on New Year's eve.
For you will drag them back to respectability,
and make games a joy rather than a burden.
You will not settle for mediocrity
like your forefathers did for decades.
The playoff scars will return,
and uniforms will again be stained with blood.
You will rile passion in all of Edmonton,
and the Oilogosphere will shine bright with pride.

For a child has come to save us,
a young man has been given to us.
A new arena will rest on his shoulders
and he will be called:
Kingston Cannonball; Cyclone Taylor;
Oiler Captain; Stanley Cup Champion.
His legacy will never fade away,
and he will deliver justice to his people.
Yahweh's passion for his beloved Oilers
will make it so!

Edmonton Oilers (12-15-5) @ Los Angeles Kings (19-12-1)

Staples Center, 8:00 p.m. MST
Television: Sportsnet Edmonton

More analysis after the jump...

Visiting Team Scouting Report:

There are some teams you just can't help but hate. For me, the Kings just aren't one of them. I like Ryan Smyth, and Jarret Stoll, and even Matt Greene. For those keeping track, that's three more Oilers from the 2006 Cup run than the Oilers will be dressing for tonight's game. But it isn't just the Oiler connections. Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty, and Wayne Simmonds are all a lot of fun to watch, and the team is just well-constructed from top to bottom. They've got four solid lines up front, and although we won't see it tonight with all of their injuries, a strong defense when everyone is healthy. When the playoffs come along in a few months (and Tom Renney's playoff prediction proves to be incorrect) I'll most certainly be pulling for old #94 to be lifting the Cup.

Expected Lineups:

Edmonton Oilers (12-15-5):

Hall - Gagner - Eberle
Penner - Cogliano - Paajarvi
Jones - O'Marra - Omark
MacIntyre - Fraser - Stortini

Peckham - Gilbert

Whitney - Strudwick
Smid - Foster


Los Angeles Kings (19-12-1)

Smyth - Stoll - Williams
Richardson - Kopitar - Brown
Clifford - Handzus - Simmonds
Ponikarovsky - Lewis - Sturm

Johnson - Doughty
Scuderi - Martinez
Harrold - Drewiske


By the Numbers:

  • For those who didn't know, Ryan Whitney's been given credit for the Oilers' lone goal against the Sharks on Tuesday night, ending any hope of an all-assist season. That goal also increases his bulge atop the Oilers' scoring list to three points.
  • Anze Kopitar leads the Kings in a whole bunch of offensive categories including goals (14), assists (20), points (34), and shots on goal (116). The Kings were incredibly lucky to see Kopitar slide all the way to 11th in 2005, and they've picked up a tremendous player because of it. Here's hoping the Oilers have similar luck with Magnus Paajarvi who fell to the Oilers at tenth overall in 2009.
  • In their last four games the Oilers have outchanced their opponents 6-3 on the power play in 20:33 of power play time, and thing won't get any easier tonight - the Kings have the fourth best penalty killing efficiency in the NHL (86.0%).
  • The Kings are one of eight teams with a perfect record when leading after two periods (they're 11-0-0). It's amazing to me that's not special a third of the way through the season, but not as amazing as the fact that a team (any team!) that's taken a lead into the second intermission has only lost in regulation 19 times so far this season in 393 tries (so that's just under 5%).
  • The Oilers have only outshot their opponents four times in thirty-two games so far this season, which is, surprisingly, not the worst mark in the league - that title belongs to the Minnesota Wild who have only outshot their opponents twice (and lost both times).