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Gift Ideas For Your Edmonton Oiler Fan

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If you're a regular reader of The Copper & Blue, you're likely shopping for a number of Oiler fans as the holidays approach.  While some of your gifts might be no-brainers, we're here to help find something for fans from every walk of life.  After the jump, check out gift ideas for Oiler fans and hockey fans in general.  If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

Branded Flips via Flip, with permission.

Flip Video has partnered with the NHL to produce NHL logo cameras.  These are HD cameras, ranging in price from $149.99 to $229.99 depending on storage space.  The 4 GB camera allows a user to record up to one hour of video while the 16 GB model allows for four hours of continuous video.

Video is recorded as 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan and recorded as MP4 files.  Each camera comes with a built-in USB sliding arm that plugs directly into a USB port for downloading.  Remember, takng video of an NHL game is prohibited without express written consent by the NHL.  But if you want to get a video clip of a Linus Omark shootout and let The Copper & Blue publish an editorial about it, we won't complain.

Flip has provided The Copper & Blue with a demonstration unit for use and review and we'll have that review this week.

Are you as amused as I am at the fortunes of the Calgary Flames, a team spending to and over the cap (including LTIR), yet they can't get by the Oilers, a team with $14,000,000 in cap space and flooded with rookies? Do you giggle incessantly because Steve Tambellini robbed the Sutter family blind in the Steve Staios trade?  There's no better way to celebrate the Flames status as a doormat than with a Flames doormat.  Enjoy the smug feeling of wiping your feet on the flaming 'C' all year round.

Don't let Movember be the end of your charitble work for the year.  The Alberta Cancer Foundation and Cross Cancer Institute is always in need of support.  Donate to fund treatment and support in someone's name and help to save a life, on of the most meaningful ways to give around the holidays.

You can also make an enormous impact on someone's life by helping them in their time of need.  Help make sure that area families have food on their table throughout the year by donating to the Edmonton Food Bank.

One of the most compelling interviews The Copper & Blue has ever done was with Randall Maggs, author of "Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems".  After reading the interview and the sample poems Bruce posted in conjunction with the interview, I purchased my own copy. From a poem entitled "Guys like Pete Goegan"

McKechnie, the veteran, stretches back
like an old scarred cat. You sense a hit of weariness
in a world so familiar, the gloom of a mid-season slump,
his place on the bus and its heat on his ancient legs,
a loosened tooth he tests with the tip of his tongue,
the last word left for him. "No contest," he says,
the meanest son of a bitch he’s ever seen
was Pete Goegan. "He’d put your eye out as soon
as shake your hand. He’d pitchfork his mother."

Buy your gift copy and one for yourself directly from the publisher, Brick Books.  Check out a vignette based on the book here.

Sticking with the literary theme, I've previously reviewed the outstanding work Black Ice: The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895-1925.  The lost history of a wonderfully inventive league was recovered through more than a decade of research.  From my interview with authors George and Darril Fosty:

GEORGE:  Darril and I have been researching the Colored Hockey League  for 14-years. We calculate that we have only been able to recover approximately 30% of the game accounts and 20% of the black team rosters.  As for player profiles, we have only documented and identified approximately 15% of the players and their personal histories.  Honestly, I  personally do not believe we will be able to recover the full story as so much of the history has been lost or destroyed. Ironically, almost all of the information we have found has come from white Canadian newspaper and biographic sources. Ninety-eight percent of the black histories and documents have been lost or destroyed.  The CHL history exists because a handful of white Baptist church newspapers and a few white Baptist sportswriters decided to record the history for religious purposes and as a way of recognizing the contributions of the black Baptist churches in Canada.

Feel like you blend in among the copper, orange, and blue at Rexall?  Stand out with a Magnus Paajarvi jersey.  But not an Edmonton jersey, buy a jersey from Timrå IK, $143 including shipping and handling.

And finally, for the Edmonton fan that watches every minute of every game and may need a little help getting through the rest of the season, check out this set from  If they are an obsessive Oiler fan but don't fit with the shot and beer crowd, gift a bottle of wine from No. 99 Estates.  Drink like a champion today.