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Weeked Update: Why Does it Have to Hurt So Much?

Hey there Oilers fans. So this week, well it's been painful. If you watched both the Hurricanes and Wings games, well just be glad that you didn't travel to those cities to catch the games. I don't mind the losing, I actually expect it, but I would like to see a little bit more competitiveness. It just really sinks your spirits when you feel that you put more effort into getting to the arenas than your team did into playing. You do get to interact with the home team fans more when their team is winning, but at some point, they just start to feel badly for you, and then it gets awkward. It was nice of the Oilers to pull something together for the Devils game, but I wonder how many people watched it after the last two.

Other Oilers news, well news isn't always big when the Oilers are on a roadtrip, let alone their longish November Canadian Finals Rodeo roadtrip. There is still news going on in Edmonton. Public consultations on the proposed downtown arena complex began on Tuesday. Hopefully if you live in Edmonton, you were able to take part. We should be hearing more news about this in the near future. What I found interesting is while driving in Detroit on Wednesday, I heard that the owner of the Detroit Red Wings is hoping to buy the Pistons, and build a new arena complex for both teams to play in. I found it interesting that the publically owned Joe Louis Arena is much like the current Rexall place, and that both owners are passionate about their cities and hope to revitalize neighbourhoods.

Movember continued this week, there were updates from the Oilers, updates from the Barons and updates from the Oil Kings. If you haven't made a donation and were planning on it, why not get it out of the way now? Tell your friends and neighbours about it too. Don't forget to tell anyone participating what a grea job they're doing too. This is all about donations and awareness for men's health concerns, namely cancers.

NHL news this week, the fan balloting for the NHL all stars on November 15th. The NHL continues to look at whether a league wide twitter and social media policy will be needed and hat this policy would entail. It does seem that the NHL should have had this sorted out already, as these are certainly not new things, but it is understandalbe that they want to get the details right. They have consider whether they consider this to be a threat or an opportunity. I think that this may be a great opportunity to help get people talkng more about hockey. I don't think that this would make new fans, but it could be good publicity right?

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