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Weekend Update: The Rookies Attack!

Ah, Jovember. A new month with plenty of games to look forward to.
Ah, Jovember. A new month with plenty of games to look forward to.

As we get ready to turn the calendar page, we can take a moment or two to ponder the month that was Horctober. It appears that Oilers fans were not to be given even a couple of months of hope and unbridled excitement for games. No, this is not to be our year either, but that isn't dampering my spirit. We had some spectacular goals to look back on and some very high points. I mean Jordan Eberle's first goal. Need I say more? Then how about that game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Let's see a show of hands who thought that the Oilers would come out alive from that one, let alone with two regulation points, and a three goal advantage? So here are are, raking the leaves, putting on the winter tires and looking forward to Jovember. What does Jovember look to bring? GAMES! Finally more than one game per week. YAY! All I ask of my Oilers this year is to compete and make things exciting. Later, much later we will have a longer wish list but for now, entertain me boys!

News for the weeek - well, well, well. Look at me, another prediction that I made came true. I didn't think that Taylor Hall would score in Alberta, but thought that this road trip might be it. Sure enough, Hall scored his first NHL goal in Columbus Ohio this past Thursday night, tying the game in the third period. The monkey is finally off his back and hopefully he can relax now and more goals will come. At least, that's the hope right?

Other news for the week, Big Sexy (Sheldon Souray) went ahead and broke his hand in a fight, again. Yup, Souray broke his same hand in a fight against Matt Clackson of the Adriondack Phantoms. At this point TSN reports that he is only to be out for two weeks, but I think we very vividly remember what happened last time. I'm really starting to believe that Souray just missed being a key point in this weekend update and was merely looking for a way to get back in. Nice work Shelley, much appreciated.

Other Oilers news, the Oilers are showing that they can play some hockey. By some hockey I mean that fans have been treated to 40 minutes of cursing and swearing and 20 mintutes of love for their team per game. Really, that's not all bad and its something I can deal with. Eventually I would like to see the competition level increase as I know all of you would. I have faith that this will happen and am just trying to go to my happy place until it does.

It's been another dissapointing week for the Oil Kings with losses to Kootenay and Chilliwack on Sunday and Thursday. Hopefully with Star Wars night October 30th, the crowd will help to revive the team and they will pull out a win against the Vancouver Giants. Take the family or your pals out for some great hockey why don't you?

In NHL News this week, it turns that the number of games being decided by a shootout are half of what they were last year. I like this, games being decided by the loser or Bettman point just don't give the same satasfaction. Yes, yes, I realize that that Oilers lost two games this week in the shooutout, but that doesn't mean that we like it now does it?

The biggest news of the week was likely the fact that Ilya Kovalchuk was the NHL's highed paid healthy scratch. The speculatin was instant as to whether or not The New Jersey Devil's new head coach John MacLean would make it through the week, and why Kovalchuk was a scratch in the first place. Obviously I think that Kovalchuk was having some team sportsmanship issues, or a conflict with the coach that had to be resolved. You have to maintain ranks, even on a hockey team. One would hope that the issue has been resolved, but only time will tell. This reminds me a little of the Ray Emry issues back in the day in Ottawa. So Maybe Kovalchuk sleeps in, skips practise?

Jason Pominville tests well medically, but has not yet been cleared to play again for the Buffalo Sabres. What the NHL does is create a benchmark for concussion testing, by testing players when they are healthy. Then, after they have a concussion they must do the test again and will be cleared to play once they reach the benchmark. The speculation now is that Pominville was just that amazing when he first did the test, and will have a hard time reaching the same level if he ever could, healthy or not.

The NHL and the Officials Association have reached a new deal that will run through the end of the 2013-14 season, so no worried about a referee strike, hopefully.

Also, Michael Nylander broke his neck while playing in the AHL, never a good injury for anyone, let alone a hockey player. It is doubtful Nylander will be albe to play hockey again, at least I don't think. Otherwise, some other teams played each other. Some won, some lost, all wore skates.


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In the city of Edmonton this week, don't forget that the Edmonton Eskimos have a game today. Its so hard to say with this team what will happen, it could go either way. The Oil Kings are playing tonight as well, and its Star Wars night. There are also an awful lot of Halloween Pub crawls tonight. Great Big Sea plays the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium tonight, actor singer Kris Kristofferson plays the River Cree Resort and Casino also tonight and the last one for tonight is the Sonic Halloween bash at the Edmonton Events Centre. There are also various small shows in and around the city this week, take a look at ticketmaster.

Lastly, make sure you sign up for our Copper & Blue vs Nucks Misconduct online Rivalspot tournament. The winner takes home a jersey. Of course someone from this site will win, so it will be an Oilers jersey.