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AHL: State of the League Address and OKC News

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Keith Wozniak of the excellent "Let's Go Amerks" filed a report today on the "State of the AHL Address".  There are some interesting items in his article, including a mention by AHL commissioner David Andrews that player callups due to injury are 30% ahead of last year's rate.  Those that thought that injuries were playing a much larger role in the NHL this year than previous years were correct.

There are also "five or six" expiring affiliate agreements in 2010.  Carolina would like to have a team closer to home and we know that Edmonton is headed to Oklahoma, so there could be some significant movement there.

And on to Roadrunners/Oil Barons/Oil Kings/Oilers news:

Thankfully, the AHL is less tight-lipped about Edmonton and Oklahoma City:

Edmonton has given every indication they do plan to go to Oklahome City but they have not pulled the trigger yet.  They dont want to cut ties with Springfield so they’re making sure everything is going to happen, it’s a great working relationship.  On a scale of 1-10 they are at about an 8 that they will activate in OKC.

It seems like Edmonton is waiting until Springfield can find a new affiliation or some such.  So the move to Oklahoma City is still on, but...we wait.

Keith's notes are well worth the time, it's an interesting and honest look at the league.  I wish Gary Bettman would do the same.