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When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that winter is just another step in the cycle of life.

Phil Connors, in Groundhog Day with more optimism than any Oiler fan can muster right now.  It's the cycle of life thing that we're struggling with right now.  There is no cycle, it's more like a death spiral.  I think that there would be more confidence, or at the very least less malaise among the fanbase if anyone in the front office was capable of getting out of this mess.  At this point, most fans are worried that the front office is going to screw up the first or second overall pick.

The top note in Evernote contains:

SBNation does their best to help feed our addiction to sports.  Now we give your wife or girlfriend a reason to visit SBNation:  Required Elements, our new figure skating site.  I expect the Olympic coverage to be outstanding.


Yet another goaltender that would have taken a one year deal and been a better option than Nikolai Khabibulin's monstrosity of a contract.  Imagine how much better life would be as an Oiler fan now and for the future if the big off-season signing was Manny Fernandez for $3 million for a single year.


According to a FanHouse survey of 10 general managers and assistant GMs, only the Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers have begun trade discussions with their counterparts for several roster players.

I'm still not sure why the Edmonton Oilers weren't doing this in July, but at least this is a sign that Steve Tambellini is more than a wax statue that Lowe trots out to fill the dais during press conferences.


SBNation's hockey editor, Brandon Worley, looks at the coming decade and the changes that the NHL will have to make.  You may not agree with Worley, but it's an article worth reading.


A Sporcle Quiz on top scorers in NHL history by last initial.  I scored 23 of 25, and they were both pretty obvious.  Let me know how you score.


Tyler has an excellent statistical takedown of thecaptainethanmoreau.  I'm glad someone else is doing these besides me, so that my witch hunt is not a solo mission.  If Murray really did call to inquire about Moreau, he should be out of Edmonton by the end of the week.  Maybe Tambellini could send J.F. Jacques with him.


For those of you that care to remember better times, Bringing Back The Glory has an Edmonton post game report.  From 1984.

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