What would you offer for Atlanta's UFA-to-be Ilya Kovalchuk?



Via The Falconer at Bird Watchers Anonymous comes this question:

What would you, as general manager of the team your root for, be willing to part with for Ilya Kovalchuk?

The rules are as follows:

  • This offer is for Kovalchuk only.
  • The Oilers would obviously acquire negotiation rights. The Oilers could trade those rights prior to July 1st if an agreement cannot be reached.
  • No sign-and-trade proposals - Don Waddell is against those.

All of SBNation's Hockey Sites are participating in this, and The Falconer is going to take the best offer. So let's hear it - what would you part with?

The Falconer sent over a list of needs:

[The Thrashers] will want a roster player and a quality prospect(s)conditional 1st rounders if Kovalchuk re-signs with your club. No goalies needed (team has three already). Not looking for over 33 guys or bloated contracts (sorry no Campbell or Huet)

Remember, the Oilers' management team is fond of whale-hunting and there are few whales larger than Kovalchuk. Would they be willing to trade Dustin Penner to have a shot to sign the guy to a megabucks deal? Tom Gilbert? Jordan Eberle?

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