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Peckham's Ankle & His 2009 Training Camp

Jim Matheson reports today in the Edmonton Journal that Theo Peckham iffy to be on the ice to start main camp Sunday at Rexall Place. He injured his ankle training about a month ago and it's still not 100 per cent. It'll be up to the medical people to see how he is.

This is bad news for Peckham.  He was to be competing in a battle with Jason Strudwick for the 7th defenseman spot on this year's roster.  Given that he's not at full strength, I'd imagine that this means he'll be starting the season in Springfield and will retain his role as the first AHL callup should injuries hit.  Foot injuries are fickle, (see: Forsberg, Peter) and it's doubtful Quinn and Renney want to head into the season with a defenseman on a bad wheel, especially if the injury has a chance to be of the lingering variety. 

However much the team needs a fellow with Peckham's bonecrushing skills, it's best for Peckham to spend time in Springfield, either on the ice, or healing, whichever the case may be.  Sitting in the pressbox for 50 games this year would be of little use to Peckham's development or the Oilers' chances this season.  It's unfortunate for the kid that he won't be at full speed to show Quinn and Renney what he's made of, but I suspect he will get his chance before Christmas.

Peckham's injury gives Oilers' fans one less training camp battle to watch over the next month.

As for Springfield, this gives the Falcons two top-end defenders (the Falcons signed veteran Dean Arsene in the offseason) to run at the tough competition and will likely allow Wild and Chorney a much softer landing for a month or two.