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Fan Frenzy Contest - Oiler Fans Take Over The Copper & Blue

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Beginning Thursday morning and ending on Friday at noon, The Copper & Blue is handing over the keys to the kingdom to Oiler fans everywhere.  As opening night approaches, we want to hear your thoughts on the upcoming season, the team, the coaching, the management and your expectations.  Rant, rave, cry, beg, plead, or pray - it doesn't matter to us.  Use the FanPost feature to the right by simply clicking "New Fanpost" and give us your best.

We will feature every FanPost on the front page and we'll make sure to Tweet each entry and promote them to sports news services around the continent!

Incentive for invective?  At noon on Friday, we'll put up a poll and ask our readers to vote for the best FanPost.  That poll will count for 50% of the final score and my fine colleagues will account for the other 50%.  The winner gets a copy of "Behind The Bench" by Dick Irvin, an outstanding collection of stories about life as an NHL coach.  In addition to the book, there is an Oilers-based mystery gift, but you'll have to wait to find out what we're giving away.

So grab a pen, a soda and some scratch paper, and get to work!