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Oilers Re-Assign Five and Quinn's Press Conference

Following their game against Vancouver this evening, the Edmonton Oilers held a post-game press conference to announce that Jordan Eberle has been assigned to WHL and Rob Schremp has placed on waivers. Taylor Chorney, Kip Brennan & Devan Dubnyk have been assigned to Springfield.  Theo Peckham has been placed on IR.

Some off-the-cuff analysis:

  • Theo Peckham's injury continues to be a cause for concern.  He was so close, and he hasn't been able to work in some time.  I don' t think he's in danger of being passed by as no one is close.  It's something to keep an eye on if it lingers.
  • Eberle wasn't ready.  He looked good at times, but it was against weak competition.
  • Chorney looked much better this year than last and he should be paired with Peckham in Springfield this year and won't have to run the tough matchups. 
  • The Rob Schremp saga is likely over. 

Notes from Quinn's press conference:

  • Pisani has a back problem that has flared up twice, Pouliot has a "pubis whatever", and Moreau is dinged up with a pull and not serious. Quinn mentioned that he also has a pull that is causing him some problems when he's getting up and down from the bench.  " Peckham still has yet to pass the medical."  I think any "pubis whatever" should be treated with utmost care.
  • "We'll have, ah, Jacques in the lineup and likely have Stone in the lineup." - I wonder if he's framing that around Pisani's injury.
  • "We wanted some bigger guys, er, or some crustier guys..." - He added "crustier" to include Brule.
  • "You can't win with 22 Rob Schremps."
  • Quinn once again hammered on the defense and chastised them for going "D to D and going backwards" and hiding behind the net.  He also mentioned hammering it around the boards and called it "bailout stuff".  It's like he's talking to Steve Staios directly.  Quinn has really been after the defense in his pressers since camp opened.