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Introducing Benjamin Massey

There'll be, one child born
In this world
To carry on, to carry on

--Laura Nyro


As you know by now, Jonathan has had to cut back here because of his new gig at the Score.  Seeing as Jonathan posted about as often as his heart pumped, I quickly realized I was going to have to bring aboard a new writer or twelve.  The first step towards that goal was convincing the man they call Lord Bob of the South Smythian Rolo-Gator to come out of retirement.  After an exhausting negotiation, Benjamin Massey, B.K.A. Lord Bob, has agreed to be part of the staff here at The Copper & Blue.  In exchange, I must admit that Soccer is a sport.  Welcome Ben everyone, treat him like he treats you.  I can't tell you how excited Jonathan, Bruce and myself are to have the man out of retirement.

Welcome aboard sir!