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Falcons Sign Riley Emmerson

The Springfield Falcons announced today that they've signed Riley Emmerson to an American Hockey League contract.

Emerson was a seventh round pick of the Minnesota Wild in the 2005 NHL Entry draft.  He stands 6'8" tall and weighs 248 lbs.  Last season, in 42 AHL games, he scored no points and finished with a -6 rating and 107 PIM.

The Falcons seem committed to not getting pushed around this season.

Here's a list of players likely to be with either Springfield or Stockton this season, along with their career professional totals in both penalty minutes and points.

  • Jordan Bendfeld: 17GP - 3 PTS - 25 PIM
  • Kip Brennan: 356GP - 54 PTS - 1714 PIM
  • Bobby Davey: 33GP - 2 PTS - 119 PIM
  • Riley Emmerson: 136GP - 7 PTS - 352 PIM
  • Matt Nickerson: 173GP - 36 PTS - 725 PIM
  • Total: 715GP - 102 PTS - 2935 PIM

Over an 82-game season, that averages out to 12 points and 336 PIM.  And that list of five doesn't include Steve MacIntyre, who I've assumed will either play with the big club or get claimed on waivers, or Garet Hunt, who may or may not still be under contract.

One thing is for sure: the designated goon lives in the Oilers' organization.