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Update on Remaining UFA's - Catching Up On Sloppy Seconds

After the initial wave of free agent signings in July, I looked at the remaining unrestricted free agents and cobbled together a competitive team with those leftovers.

With training camp open everywhere, here is an update on my sloppy seconds team.

Tanguay - Koivu - Kovalev
Moen - Malhotra* - Niedermayer*
Kotalik - Lang* - Sykora**
Veilleux - Moore* - Grier

Morris - Boynton
Foster - Beauchemin
Mara - Seidenberg


The signed portion of this team has a cap hit of $30,725,000.

I mentioned some low cost alternatives and depth players in that post, "...Betts*, Yelle, Labarbera, Perrin*, Pyatt*, McKee, Tollefson, Boullion*..." Their cap hit totals $3,550,000 thus far.

**Training Camp Tryout