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Olivier Roy & Bryan Pitton Sent Down


Lost in the excitement of last night's preseason game (and full credit to the Oilers for televising it) was the fact that the team made a pair of cuts, sending recent draft pick Olivier Roy back to his junior club and sending Bryan Pitton down to Springfield.

For Roy, it doesn't mean all that much; the Oilers had a truck-load of goaltenders in training camp and it was an inevitability that the youngest was going to get cut at some point.  With a pair of unsigned, undrafted goaltenders to worry about (Aaron Sorochan, Kurtis Mucha) I imagine the brass got less of a look at Roy than they were hoping to. 

For Pitton, Lowetide's full of dire predictions, and it's hard to disagree with any of them.  Last year, Pitton was lapped by Andrew Perugini down in Stockton; this year not only Perugini but two more undrafted goaltenders survived longer into camp than Pitton.  The fact that Pitton had a leg up (draft pick, NHL/AHL contract) on those guys makes it even uglier.  LT points out that Pitton's contract is up for renewal this season and that he'll probably be let go; frankly, if he wasn't under contract I don't think the Oilers would have kept him past this point.